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   Dream it


We’ve been dreaming of creating a nature friendly retreat on the island of Pico for a quite a long time now. The beautiful island of Pico is 1 of 9 islands of the Azores, located in the Atlantic ocean.


We want this special place to be a retreat for nature lovers. Our retreat would be peaceful, calm and safe. Our dream is also to create a place that represents, protects and cares for the environment and all nature around us. 

Our Island Glamping Retreat is not only our labor of love, passion and dedication, but also a gathering place for all. 


With this place we will redefine the concept of travel. Our retreat and this area of the planet is not for mass tourism, this place will be ecological, sustainable and socially aware. 

We welcome both travelers and organizations that help those in need.

Come to Pico Island to Revive, Re-energize and Heal!

   Build it

We have been working hard to turn our dream into reality and we are hoping you can play an active part in making it a reality.

By becoming one of our Vinelava Club Members, you will not only helps us build this project but also be part of this special place forever.

Your membership contribution will help us bring our Island Glamping Retreat to life.

Our lifetime members will also be part of our Vine Lovers Club, Concierge service and featured on our gratitude wall. You will also receive friends & family 25% discount for future travel. 

Not intending of visiting! Then your stay voucher is transferable . Also know that your pledge will go towards benefiting many wonderful things such as the local economy, protection of nature & the environment.

It's a WIN WIN!

Join us! Become one of our Associate Members.

  Share it

Once our retreat comes to Life, nothing would make Laura and I happier than to welcome you as our special guest. After all you are a lifetime Ambassador and a member of our Vine Lovers Club.

Our mission has always been to share this special island with those who seek nature and all her offerings.

Our main purpose is to use the retreat for good. We must educate and support the people. It is vital that we are active in protecting the environment and its animals. 

We believe that we must go back to the simple life and mindset of the village.

On Pico Island, you will find beauty, peace, tranquility, safety, compassion, love and healing.

Make our purpose your purpose, here on Pico Island, Azores, Portugal.


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Our Plan

We are on a mission to build our Island Glamping Retreat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. To be more specific, this tourist facility will be located on the magical island of Pico, one of 9 islands of the Azores archipelago. This island chain are also one of the 7 regions of Portugal.

Our Glamping project will be unique, private, gated and nature-friendly . We believe that it will be one of a kind in the Azores. The community will consist of 10 ocean view cabins, BBQ area, swimming pool and restaurant.

We will build an environmentally and socially conscious retreat. We will try our best to use locally sourced materials, when possible. Our goal stretches far beyond construction. This amazing retreat will be a a place of community, protection of nature and people.

If you want to contribute and be part of bringing this special Tourism project to life? Sign up to our list, we will notify you when the Ambassador's Club Membership Program is live. 


Help us make positive change and a difference!

Help us bring this special place to life

Be part of something amazing!


Coming soon!!

How it began! - 2 people, a parcel of land and a dream!

Early on in our relationship, Laura and I discussed my dream of building a nature retreat in my birthplace, Pico Island. Laura loved this idea and from that moment on we added to the dream and made it our own.

In 2010 Laura visited the island for the first time, loved it so much that we immediately bought a beautiful piece of land. This oceanfront land is around 6800 square meters,  about 1.7 acres. It has Pico volcano mountain as the backdrop, the Atlantic ocean at our feet and vineyards all around.

From the first time we saw the property we knew that this was where we wanted to create this magical gathering place. Laura and I also realized that the most important thing was to use our retreat to make a positive impact on this beautiful island and those that visited us. Part of our mission was to also make a difference in the community, the locals and the nature.


At the end of 2019 we hired an architect to put our vision into reality. In early 2020 we submitted our project to the town and the Azores Government for approval This was suppose to be followed by applying for Government Tourism incentives..

During this crazy Pandemic period, we decided to pull our project out, and wait for a better safer time to resubmit. During the last 8 months we have used our time to analyze, re-assess and upgrade our Island Glamping Retreat plan. 

After much discussion, we have decided to do the project in a few phases. The first phase would be doing 4 wood cabin units and a pool. The other 2 phases would include the remainder 6 cabins and a restaurant.

Now you know how it all began, hopefully you want to be part of where we want to go.

Become one of our Ambassadors, help us turn this dream into reality!

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Who we are! Our Story!

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I (Carlos) came to Canada from Azores, Portugal with my family in 1974,  Laura was born in Canada, and we eventually met in 2010 . Our plan is to divide our time between Canada and Portugal.

We both love the village, nature and island life. We also have the need and desire to protect nature, especially now more than ever.

I have been in Tourism for 30 years, presently own an independent travel business. Laura's background is in retail, she owned and operated a lady's boutique for over 23 years. We are now starting a Tourism company on Pico Island. Through this company we will promote, host and share this beautiful island. We will also make our dream come true by bringing to life our Island Glamping Retreat.

We are not only a couple, but a also a great team. We share the same values, dreams and love for nature and island life.

We both have the need to create, make a difference, inspire change, pass forward positive, protect nature and the environment. We feel that with like minded people and the retreat, we will be able to do all of it.

This is why we want to create a different type of Tourism, something different that could add to people's lives. We want our type of Tourism to be more about the village mindset, giving back, sharing, protecting nature and the environment.

This is why we want to create this special place, and why we want to build it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in our chosen peace of paradise called Pico Island, Azores. 

Join us, be part of our Island Glamping Retreat.

Carlos and Laura

What we need and What you get!

We need  you to help us build our Island Glamping Retreat. A special place surrounded by vineyards, Pico mountain, the village and the Atlantic Ocean! And you can be among the first ones to visit.


We will build 10 mini ocean view wood cabins, a pool and restaurant. In order to fund the total cost of the project, we will not only require our own funds, Government incentives, but also funds from like minded individuals like you.


This is why we are running this help build campaign. Membership funds will be used for Phase 1 of the project. Join us, become a Vacation Club Member.


What do you get! 

  • You will be 1 of 25 Vacation Club Members.

  • Access to number of weeks stay per year, 2 to 8 weeks, split between high & low season.

  • Term of membership is 15 yrs, with buyout option.

  •  Access to 2 weeks stay at the companies' villa during the build.

  • You are able to transfer your weeks. 

  • Receive 25% off Food & Beverage (when available)

  • Receive 10% off Activities

  • Extend 25% discount to Family & Friends

  • Concierge Access

  • Terms & Conditions displayed in legal Right to Use (RTU)contract.

Cost of Membership

$25,000(10 members) / $15,000(15 members)

You can also helps us by pre-booking a 2 week package for $1500 or a 1 night stay at $150

It is also important to note that we will always donate a percentage of its earnings to worthwhile causes, both on land and at sea. We want to give back to the island, the locals, nature, its animals and our environment.

The Island Glamping Retreat will be a place that you can call home. Our cabins will be fitted with required luxuries, but will fit safely into nature. Here you will be able to rest, be inspired and nurtured.

The best thing you will receive by becoming a Vinelava Club Member aside from staying with us, will be the fact that you will play a huge part in help us build an amazing place.  

Help us make a difference, join us as a member!

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How will the funds be used

Starting a project like this from scratch is is not only expensive but also very daunting and scary. The total cost is enough to stop anyone from doing it, and in most cases it does. So far we have used our own money to buy the land and create the architectural plans. We also have a few investors that will help fund some of the secondary phases of the project, we will also apply for Tourism Government incentives when they are open to accept applications. What we need now is funding to build the 1st phase, which is 4 cabins and a swimming pool. This is where your funding will go. We were considering using the bank at the start, but due to the present Pandemic situation, we decided against it. We believe that it will be easier to have the bank involved after the 1st phase is complete.

Our mission at this point in time is to build the 1st phase, this way we can reinvest the rental revenue towards financing the rest of the project. By doing this project in phases allows us to go forward with a sound, steady and lower risk plan. This is why we thought of implementing the Vinelava Club Membership Program, a way for 25 like minded individuals to get involved in helping us fund and develop this special Island Glamping Retreat.


The Glamping industry is one of the fastest growing segments of Tourism, in some worldwide markets its outperforming the regular and more well know lodging segments. We truly believe we are in the cusp of creating something really unique, healthy and lifechanging. We also believe that through our guests and profits we will be able to give back to society, help protect nature and the environment.

No doubt that covid19 has stalled pretty much our lives for the past 2 years. We had submitted our project for approval just before the craziness began, but the fact that it was taking so long to get approval was a blessing for us. Can you imagine if this was approved before covid, or just after covid began, what if we were in the start of construction, or even worst...we were open and waiting for Tourists to come. We feel that we dodged a huge bullet and that now is the best time for our new start to our project.

One of the main reasons we feel this project would be successful is its location. Our Glamping Retreat would be in one of the most magical breathtaking places in the world, Pico Island, Azores.

You are the key!

We hope that you will either be one of our Club Members, a special guest or at the very least you will pass our story and this special place forward.

You can become part of our Island Glamping Retreat by making our dream come true. The total funds of $475,000 received from our 25 Ambassador members, would go towards a swimming pool, landscaping, construction and furnishings of the 4 ocean view cabins. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Vinelava Club and want to get on our list...send us an email.

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Pico Island - Our Paradise is Your Paradise!!

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