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Sharing Pico Island With You

Carlos & Laura, sharing Pico Island with you.

"Our vision is to share this amazing destination with the Canadian traveler and the rest of the world. "

Lajes do Pico village has amazing marina and dramatic views of Pico volcano
Pico Island Azores historic villages date back to 1460's


The Travel Guys Inc story started in 1999, in the town of Oakville. We were a full service brick & mortar travel agency for the longest time, now we operate as Independent Tico Certified Travel Agents within Marlin Travel Canada.


The Travel Guys Inc are now mainly focused in developing travel package experiences to the beautiful North Atlantic Island of Pico; one of the 9 islands of the Azores and the 7th region of Portugal.


With our extensive knowledge of Pico Island, the rest of the Azores and mainland Portugal we feel that we are positioned to deliver the best travel product experience possible.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to developing Tourism with care, extensive island knowledge, personalized on the ground customer service and overall travel experience will enable us to provide the best suited Pico Island Experience for you.


Carlos & Laura spend half a year on Pico Island Azores. Check out their YouTube channel; Our journey on Pico Island

My Pico island story began on July - 19 - 1964, this was the day I was born on Pico Island. Than in 1974, my family and I immigrated to Canada, the rest as they say is history.

I always went back to the island over the years, either with the family or alone. In the last 12+ years I have been going back with Laura, she fell in love with the island on her first visit. 

Because of our love for the island we decided to lay even more roots. In 2010 Laura and I bought oceanfront land, in 2020 we bought a rustic house to renovate for vacation rental, and in 2021 we opened a business on the island. 

In the last 2 years we have been sharing our Pico life experience on our YouTube channel called Our Journey On Pico Island.  This  has been a lot of fun; we do a video every week and we are now up to about 8500 subscribers. (Check out the channel below).


Our mission is to use both our business's; on the island and in Canada to share Pico island with the Canadian and Worldwide Traveler.

The Travel Guys are made of Laura, Myself and my brother Cesar. We all share a passion, connection and love for Pico Island. We can't wait to share this beautiful island with you.

Come and visit us and add to our Pico Island Story!

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Our vision is to share this amazing destination with the Canadian traveler and the rest of the world.

Mountain Peak


Our mission is to create unique island experiences for our guests. We will Promote,  Book, and Represent Pico Island to the best of our knowledge,


Carlos Soares knows & loves Pico Island Azores

Carlos Soares

I'm an Independent Travel Advisor with over 34+ years in the Travel Industry. I was born on Pico Island, now divide my time between Canada and the island.

Cesar Soares knows & loves Pico Island Azores

Cesar Soares

I’m an Independent Travel Advisor with over 17 years in the travel Industry. I have extensive knowledge  of the Azores.

Laura Scarfo knows & loves Pico Island Azores

Laura Scarfo

I’m an island host and customer care representative. I have extensive experience in retail sales and customer service.

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