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  • Do you want to retire or semi retire abroad?

  • Have you ever dreamed of living on an island?

  • Looking for an affordable destination to work remotely?

  • Are you looking to buy a vacation property in Europe?

                       This program is for you!

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We have put together an e-version of our on location Azores Portugal Workshop that took place May 12 to 22 of 2023. We had the privilege of having 6 amazing participants come over to the Azores and attend this amazing workshop. They were here to learn about these beautiful nature islands, the lay of the land and to figure out if this would be a place for them to live, invest or work remotely. If you're looking to do the same, you might want to get on our list..

Luxury Beach House

Retire or Semi retire


Buy a vacation home


Work remotely

There are 9 islands to choose from, we only visited 3. They all have similarities, but each unique in their own ways. The binding links between all of them is nature, peace, beauty & safety.

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Faial Island

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Sao Jorge


Pico Island

You will have access to vital information delivered by our island experts. Various topics will be covered  such as real estate, labor, banking, taxes, citizenship, residency, legal, start a business, and much more.

Signing a Contract
Carpentry and Flooring

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The Azores will check most of your boxes.

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