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Places Of Interest and worth visiting while on Pico

Here is a list of  some popular places of interest located throughout the island of Pico. On this Azores island you will find a mix of cultural, historic, geological and cool places that you may choose to visit while staying on the island. The other islands will also offer you many other or similar places of interest.

Pico Wine Museum

​Located:Madalena Pico Azores

The museum, which opened in 1999 in the former convent of Carmelita's, teaches the history wine making, and organizes visits to vineyards for wine tasting.
In September, when the grape harvest occurs, visitors can participate in wine making.

Viticulture Cooperative of Pico

Located: Madalena, Pico, Azores

The cooperative is located in Areia Larga where the famous wine makers who produced the verdelho wine once lived. Guided tours are available to observe wine production, including: "Terras de Lava" white, "Basalto" red and Lajido, a liqueur wine produced only in one part of the island since 1997.

Whalers Museum

Located: Lajes do Pico, Azores

Opened in 1988, the Whaler's Museum, together with the whaling industry factory, is unique in Europe. The permanent exhibit offers a typical example of an Azorean whaling boat, a blacksmith's workshop, the Maritime Museum of Shipbuilding, and the Whale Art and the Whalers on Earth exhibits.
The Museum also features a specialized library and document repository, a small auditorium, educational services and other activities.

Gruta Das Torres (Cave)

Located:Criacao Velha, Pico, Azores

​Located in Criação Velha, a parish in Madalena. It is part of the formation of the Lajidos-Gruta das Torres, a lava vent most likely created 500 to 1,500 years ago. It lies five kilometers, or three miles, outside town, and takes about 10 minutes to reach by car. Their are numerous cave systems througout the island of Pico, only 2 are set up for tourist exploration.

Pico Mountain Base Camp

Located: Base of Pico Volcano

This newly constructed building is a place for visitors to begin their ascent to the top of the mountain. It has a guest book to record ascents and descents as well. In addition to assistance, it provides GPS tracking equipment for climbers.
The base camp offers drinks and lockers for guests. Outside the building is the sculpture 'Angel Mountain' by José Nuno Pereira.


Sperm Whale & Squid Museum

Located: Sao Joao, Pico, Azores

This small museum was created by Malcolm Clarke in his garage. Here, you can learn about the sperm whale and its main food source, squid. If you want to watch whales, swim with dolphins or just learn about marine life, come to this museum. How big are whales? How old do they get? How do they eat? How do they communicate? How do they dive so deep for so long?
Step through a full-size model of a sperm whale, compare it with a human being and discover how scientists study them. See a life-sized model of a giant squid, with the largest eyes of the animal kingdom.

Furnas Of Frei Matias (Cave)

​Located: Madalena, Pico, Azores

The furna of Frei Matias is a lava tunnel about 650 meters (2,132 feet) long, found in the western part of the Natural Reserve of Pico Mountain. The tunnel has several entrances and side tunnels. This cave is shrouded in mystery, and linked to the legend of a hermit said to live in the cave. It is a tourist favorite, not just for the legend, but because it is easy to reach from Madalena, and is an easy walk.

Churches of Pico

Located all over the island

Pico has quite a few villages located all over the island; most of them are on the seaside and almost all have a church. These churches are dated anywhere from the 1400 to 1800; they are well worth the visit.

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