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ACCULADES - Pico & Azores

Why the Azores  should be on your bucket list.



Ocean- Sun - Vistas - Food -Wine - Walks - Whales

Azores is a top destination to visit in the summer.
Azores selected top 10 summer trips in the world


We are remote, but only a 5 hour plane ride from Canada or US. Azores are about 1000 miles west of continental Portugal, being in middle of the unspoiled North Atlantic has helped limit development and mass tourism. All islands easily connected by plane and ferry

Azores has amazing trails, hikes & walks.

Pico island is a top 8 most unique walking paths in the world


The island of Pico offers a variety of amazing walking paths throughout the whole island, you can find dramatic  routes along the coast, seaside villages, lake district or the vineyards.

One vineyard area is called Criacao Velha, which is protected by Unesco, here you have 5 miles of walking paths amongst the vines and the lava.

Azores has unique UNESCO heritage areas.
Azores is a UNESCO heritage destination

​​UNESCO’s World Heritage

The world’s recognition of the incommensurable value of the Azores started years ago. In 1983, UNESCO named as World Heritage the Historical Centre of Angra do Heroismo, in the island of Terceira, and the Landscape of Pico Island Vineyard Culture, in the island of Pico, in 2004.

Azores is one of the top 5 volcano destinations in the world.

Furnas – The most appealing Volcanic Area in the World

This is clearly stated in the World Travel Guide. What makes it quite unique is “the rare” combination of the volcanic environment of Furnas. It is one of the five most appealing volcanic areas in the World.

Azores is in the top sustainable islands in the world.
Azores National Geographic Traveler

Second Best Islands in the World for Sustainable Tourism


The Archipelago of the Azores was selected as the 2nd best islands in the world for Suatainable Tourism by National Geographic Traveler. The survey involved 111 islands and archipelagos involved by 522 specialists.

Azores has 3 biosphere reserves.
Biosphere Azores Portugal

3 Biosphere Reserves

The islands of Corvo (2007), Graciosa (2007) and Flores (2009) are Biosphere Reserves. This means that these are areas of eco-systems (land or coastal) that promote solutions to conciliate biodiversity and its sustainable usage. These reserves have also been recognized by UNESCO.

Pico Island Azores is one of the 5 best secret islands in the world.
BBC travel goes to Azores Portugal

5 Best Secret Islands of the World

In 2011, for the prestigious BBC Travel, the island of Pico Azores is one of the "5 most secret islands in the world" The good wines contributed as well as the walking paths that cross the Unesco's World Heritage,

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