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Fishing - Deep sea / Shore

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Bird Watching - Horseback riding - Cycling - Treks 4 by 4
Spear Fishing - Canyoning - Cave exploring 

If any of these other activities interest you; our team in Pico can easily arrange them to best suit you dates and budget.

We know Pico 

The Azorean sea is one of the favorite destinations of the fans of big game fishing. Enormous blue and white marlins swim in this part of the Atlantic, as well dolphin-fishes and Atlantic blue fin tunas, along with other species of tuna.

Between the islands of the triangle (Faial, Pico and Sao Jorge), you are in the perfect environment and never too far from shore. On these islands it is possible to find many specialized operators of big game fishing, but you may also decide to rent your own boats and equipment.

Shore fishing is also easy and available to set up. their is nothing like finding your own coastal rock for the day. Many fish species can be caught from the shore, local fisherman will advise on equipment and bate


We work very closely with the best operators for this activity on the island of Pico and neighboring islands. Safety and responsibility for the environment and our guests is a must and most important.

Rates for a 2 - 8 hour trip - 150 to 500 euros per trip
Embarkation  available from main ports of the island
Our expert island partners can tailor this activity to suit your needs.​

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