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Swim with Dolphins

Main Activities

​  ​Bird Watching - Horseback riding - Cycling - Treks 4 by 4

Spear Fishing - Canyoning - Cave exploring -

​If any of these other activities interest you; our team in Pico can easily arrange them to best suit you dates and budget.

We know Pico 

​Here on Pico and the surrounding islands you are in the perfect place to swim with the dolphins, the cool thing is that you can have this experience in their environment.

These visits take place at the surface of deep waters surrounding the islands of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge.

​ ​By having Pico as your base; swimming with the dolphins or other activities such as hiking or walking are very easy to arrange and affordable to do. The nature lover in you will come alive while exploring all the dolphins, paths, mountains, lakes, caves and coastal villages spread out all over the 3 islands. Choose to do it with a guide or on your own.


We work very closely with the best operators for this activity on the island of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge. Safety and responsibility for the environment and our guests is a must and most important.

Rates for a 4 hour trip - 75 to 95 euros per person
Main locations for embarkation - Lajes and Madalena
​​Our expert island partners can tailor this activity to suit your needs.​

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