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Scuba Diving

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Bird Watching - Horseback riding - Cycling - Treks 4 by 4
Spear Fishing - Canyoning - Cave exploring 

If any of these other activities interest you; our team in Pico can easily arrange them to best suit you dates and budget.

​We know Pico 

​Diving around Pico and the rest of the Azores is a wonderful experience for the enthusiast or novice. Just around the sister  islands of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge you will find over 20 designated diving sites.


These sites are varied and diversified; you will dive in caves, deep or shallow water, close to shore, wrecks. You will get close to large and small sea life; grouper, snapper, barracuda, octopus, squid. You may choose to hang out with the blue shark, dolphins or the manta rays.

As you can see all the diving options are available in this part of the north Atlantic, or you may just decide to snorkel along the healthy and save coast of these islands.

On the island of Pico, Sao Jorge and Faial we work with highly reputable scuba diving companies, they will take care of all levels of divers. It goes without saying that responsible safety for the environment and our guests is a must and most important


Rates for outings vary - 50 to 250 per person, depending on the length and category of the trip.
Embark from various ports of Pico Island.
​Our Island experts can tailor any of the activities to suit.​

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