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Come and visit the Whales and Dolphins of Pico Island Azores!

Whale watching in the mid Atlantic islands of the Azores is a magical experience, especially in and around the island of Pico… on this island and specifically the historic whaling village of Lajes Do Pico you will find the best facilities for this wonderful nature experience. It’s really unbelievable!… just off the coast of this village you will be able to witness an incredible abundance of various whale and dolphin species, they are just waiting for your visit… this will definitely be an experience that you will never forget.

An important thing to remember about the area is that in the Azores, the whale-watching season is from May to October…this is more to do with the weather not the migrations of the whales and dolphins, which are seen year round, so these wonderful creatures are usually hanging around.

Cetaceans are attracted to the area of Pico, Azores mainly due to the abundance of food there and the great thing about the area is that so many different species are seen. In recent years we have identified 20 species in the Azores or nearly 25% of all the world’s known species… taking all of this into account you can see why the Azores is regarded by some as one of the top three destinations worldwide for whale and dolphin watching, not too mention swimming with the dolphins…and in Pico Azores, you are in there environment.

Carlos The Travel Guy knows Pico Azores; he can tailor make the best possible travel package to meet your needs….we can fly you to Pico from any major airport, and our Pico travel partners are the most professional in the industry…Come and visit us in beautiful Pico, Azores.

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