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Pico Island Tour - On a sunny January day!

Visit Pico Island Azores Portugal, one of the top nature sustainable destinations in the world.

Come and discover the island with us and our Canadian guests, Steve & Sue. This is just a small taste of what this magical island has to offer. On this tour; you will experience raw nature, unbelievable lava coast, refreshing ocean lava pools, breathtaking scenery & landscapes, friendly people and tasty food.

Pico Island is one of the 9 island of the Azores. This archipelago is located in the north Atlantic, and is the 7th region of Portugal. All of the islands have so much to offer, both at sea and on land.

You can chose to do hikes, walks, or maybe you prefer to go kayaking, swimming, sailing or scuba diving. You can also island hop to the 2 sister islands of Sao Jorge or Faial, or maybe choose to just relax and do nothing.

The main reason people choose to spend time on this beautiful island is for the peace, safety, quality of life and nature. The Azores are also still very affordable; you can still buy a beer and a coffee for 1 euro, bottles of wine at a grocery store start at around 2 to 3 euros. A couple can still go out to dinner for under 50 euros, and this would include a drink or 2.

If you are considering visiting Pico Island or any of the other Azores Islands, please contact me (Carlos), for further information.

Here is Steve & Sue's Blog on their Pico Island Adventure. Worth checking it out!

We also have a YouTube channel called Our Journey On Pico Island - Carlos & Laura

Visit Pico Island Azores Portugal, today!


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