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Pico Island & the Canadian Traveler.

Pico Island is the perfect island for the Canadian nature traveler! We believe that its time for the Canadian traveler to learn more about this wonderful destination located in the nature area of the North Atlantic.

I'm sure that most Canadians know someone that has come from one of the 9 islands of the Azores; Pico is one of those islands. When the Portuguese started to immigrate to North America; most including myself and my family came from these islands to Canada. I am grateful and proud to have 2 wonderful places I call home!

Pico Island is peaceful, safe, unpolluted, friendly, affordable, volcanic, full of scenic landscapes and easily reached from Canada, US and Europe. This area of the North Atlantic has the same volcanic origin as Hawaii but with one mass Tourism. The island is named after mount Pico; a dormant volcano which has the highest altitude of Portugal (2345 meters above sea level).

On Pico Island you have various nature activities to choose from: walks & hikes, sailing, kayaking, fishing(sport/shore), scuba diving, canyoning, and more. Pico island is also one of the top places to whale watch or swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. This area of the planet has the most species of whales and dolphins; either living in the area or migrating through.

I encourage you to contact me if you want to learn more about Pico Island; I look forward to sharing my passion for Pico and the rest of the Azores with you.

Pico Island and the rest of the Azores welcome the Canadian Traveler!

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