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Experience fishing on and around Pico Island Azores!

Pico Island is a great base when it comes to fishing this part of the world. This area of the North Atlantic has abundance of marine life; especially 100's of fish species. Choose to fish a variety of ways: large charter boat, small to medium size boat, local fishing boat, deep sea, shallow sea, close to shore, on shore, jigging, trolling, spear and much more. The types of fish that you will catch will depend on time of year, bait and location; the choice is yours.

We only use reputable island partners; you can count on modern equipment and knowledgable seamen. The rates for accommodations and fishing are affordable and will depend on what preference of fishing package you are looking for. We can help you organize all components of your trip: complete package including flight, accommodations, transfers and fishing, only fishing etc.

Feel free to send Carlos an email if you have any questions!

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