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Coastal Village of Lajes, Pico Island, Azores, Portugal.

The quaint village of Lajes is located on the south coast of Pico Island, known as the Whalers village. It is one of the 3 main municipalities on the island of Pico. This historic village was the first settlement on the island, discovered in 1460.

The village is located on the lowest lying area of the island, it has it's own micro climate compared to the rest of the areas. These lower flat volcano ocean levelled areas are called Fajas, similar to the many found on the island of Sao Jorge.

This is the perfect village to spend a day exploring the many land & coastal activities it has to offer. The most popular activity would be whale watching, this village and Azores in general are considered one of the best places to visit these beautiful creatures. This area has the most variety of cetaceans on the planet, they either live or migrate through here between March and November.

Other activities are swimming, sailing, kayaking, cycling, camping and hiking. There is also one of the top most visited museums in Portugal, the whalers museum is a must visit. Break your day with a tasty lunch at one of the village eateries.

You can also find the most protected marina on the island, home to sail boats, yachts and fishing vessels. During the months of May to November, you can experience many religious festivals, music and cultural events.

If you want to learn more about Pico Island, check out our website.

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