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Explore dramatic scenic Hikes & Walks while on Pico Island Azores!

Pico Island!….great island for HIKING & WALKING!

Picture yourself spending a week at a seaside cottage in one of Pico’s coastal villages; most with views to the sea…some even surrounded by vineyards. You will be able to start the walks from your cottage, decide if you want to stay on the coast, or maybe you prefer to explore the upper part of the village…it’s all up to you, you can take 2 hours, or maybe the whole day…spend the morning on the coast, and the afternoon high above the village.

Pico offers you so much choice…when I’m there I like to wake up early, have a quick breakfast, pack my lunch and immediately start my village walks…usually I break my hikes into 4 hour stages…I might first do a coastal hike to one side of the village, then stop for lunch…than do another 4 hours on the other side…these are leisure healthy hikes.

The key is for you to do these walks at your own pace, you can stop to rest anytime you feel like it, or maybe you want to take some pictures of the scenery round you…sometimes I will stop in awe just to watch a family of whales or dolphins off the coast….go at nature’s pace, there is no schedule…you are not on a clock.

Some of these villages have remained untouched for many years…you are experiencing them just like the villagers have done, and still do…that’s the beauty of it all, you will feel total freedom and connection with yourself and nature….this is what Pico, Azores is all about. The locals want you to make Pico your own during your stay, I definitely do just that! and so should you.

There are also other types of walks and hikes you can experience on Pico, you can spend a day doing the highlands of the island…this is in high altitude, here you can visit many lakes, valleys, mountains, hills..even the cows of Pico. You can also do the ultimate climb of the volcano the bears the name of the island…Pico volcano, it’s 8000 feet above sea level…you will be high above the clouds experiencing beautiful views of other neighboring islands of the Azores. You have the option to do these hikes with a highly experienced guide or on your own!

Carlos The Travel Guy knows Pico and the rest of the Azores!

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