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Foodies will love Pico Island's culinary options!

On the island of Pico Azores; you will be able to experience the best in what Portuguese culinary has to offer. Various Azorean, Portuguese and international dishes are freshly prepared and priced modestly.

An affordable nature destination!

Dining on Pico Island will not break the bank;A family of 4 can have an amazing lunch or dinner starting at around 40 euros. A latte and a pastry will cost 2 euros, beer for 1 euro, bottle of wine in a restaurant under 10 euros.

Pico Island has a variety of cafes, taverns and restaurants located throughout the island; most in a coastal village. Locals pride themselves on offering a high quality of fresh seafood, award winning beef, chicken and pork dishes.

Carlos The Travel guy knows and recommends Pico Island Azores

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