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Exploring Pico Island with our special guests.

We just finished doing a small island tour with our special guests from Calgary; Glenn & Margaret. They will be staying on the island for the next 12 months, and we are spending a few days taking them around one of the beautiful islands of the Azores; Pico Island.

On this day we started and ended the tour in the coastal whalers village of Lajes, this first settlement on the island dates back to 1460 and is one of the top whale watching places on the planet. Here you will find the most variety of cetaceans, either living or migrating through here any time between March and November.

We continued on the dramatic south coast, taking sights of the coastal villages along the way. We then made our way to the north side of the island, stopping for lunch in one of the main villages of the island, Sao Roque.

You can find many waterfalls, especially on the south side of the island. They mostly run when there is a rainfall, and dramatically make their way down the mountain into the Atlantic ocean.

This is one of many quaint coastal villages found when you drive around the island. This one is the village of Santa Cruz, located the south side of Pico Island, Azores.

For the 2nd part of our tour, we left Sao Roques and headed up in altitude to the magical highlands of Pico. Here we take in a whole different type of landscape, mirroring places like Ireland, New Zealand and maybe even Iceland.

We took some side roads, and visited a few of the lakes. Along the way the scenery was breathtaking, with views of volcanos and exotic flora. At times the enviroment was full of peace & tranquility, at times it even felt and looked like a scene from Jurassic park, we kept saying. lol.

We always enjoy sharing the island with friends, family, and special guests. The only way we do that is low & slow. This is the true way to experience Pico Island and the rest of the Azores.

We hope you enjoyed some of the photos from this wonderful day, feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about the Azores. Check our website, and send email.

The Whalers village of Lajes at night, located on the south coast of Pico Island, Azores.

Lajes is located on one the lower lying areas of the island, it's on a Faja.

See you in the Azores,

Carlos & Laura


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